Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Year of the Sabbatical Ends

It's already the end of August. It is also the end my sabbatical year. I set out to write something everyday and find out who Sharon was after Bill and after all the loss incurred during the past five years. I didn't do so well insofar as writing everyday was concerned. Frequently I had other things to do and just as frequently I didn't but just didn't feel the spirit moving me to write.

I'm pretty sure I have a better sense of Sharon now. Indeed, probably a better understanding than I have ever had. It didn't come without some awkward and even painful moments; however, mostly it has been accompanied by a sense of wonder at the life all around me and at how far I have come and excitement about what is next. I have been surrounded by the love of friends and family, even when I was all alone. I enjoyed trips to Maryland, Texas, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Hawaii this year and look forward to doing some additional travel in the year ahead (maybe Alaska!).

This particular blog has reached its natural end. I will leave it in hopes that it provides some helpful bread crumbs for some other lost traveler through the scape of grief and loss. There is no question that it is a painful journey, but great cost brings great reward.

As for what is next, my preference is that I would like to keep writing, as long as there is someone willing to keep reading.  I started half a dozen articles for this blog that I never finished and would like to revisit as perhaps a starting off point for something else. Additionally, I am working on the electronic version of my grandmother and great aunt's book Hurrah for My New Free Country, currently out of print. I have lists of ideas for other articles, the scope of which almost demands a deeper blog-site and a more complex design.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working with a consultant to design a new blog page that incorporates this vision. Look for an announcement here when that site is ready to go public. In the meantime, thank you. All of you. For your support and your encouragement and for helping me help myself get through this year. On to the next!

(By the way, we still have a few of those chairs, if you're interested...)

3 comments: said...

I think it was brave of you to embark on this journey, sharing it with people that care about you. I look forward to more words of wisdom from you. Love, Laura

Anonymous said...

I will keep reading what you write I have enjoyed walking on your journey through reading your blog and seeing how I can better pray for you on the journey. Love you,Jennifer

Rass said...

Well kiddo, the roller coaster of emotional events hyou've shared over the past year were real and a significant challenge... you expressed yourself gracefully and demonstrated that you certainly have a way with words and are up to the challenge. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Looking forward to seeing you the endo of this month. always, rass