Friday, September 9, 2011

It's A Start

I know that to sing will let my spirit free
but three years of constant grieving
have stilled my song
and when I try to let it out
it comes in croaks and squeaks
and frightens the dogs
and makes my throat scratchy and sore.

I know that to dance will lighten my load,
but years of shuffling under the burdens
have left my joints stiff and my muscles shortened
and when I try to shake my bootie
it tries to fall off the side and take me with it
and I want no trips to the hospital today.

It all makes me laugh a little --
Thank goodness.
At least that's a start.
One spiritual muscle that hasn't totally atrophied
or ruptured.

The sabbatical is over.
And now the year of reconditioning begins.

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