Friday, October 8, 2010

Camping in the Closet

I left the camper sit right where it was today. I just couldn't face it; at least not today. I know I am in for a nasty job and today was not the day I wanted to do it.

So, instead, I put my bedroom and closet back in order. I had had a carpet and upholstery cleaner in yesterday, and things were kind of torn up and out of order. For example, my shoe rack was blocking the door of the water closet in the bathroom and I had a huge plastic tub filled with 50-year old photo albums in the middle of my bedroom.

In the process of putting things away, I was able to fill a trash bag with about 40 pounds of stuff that did NOT go back into my closet as well as find new homes for things that really never belonged there to begin with. As with all jobs of this nature, it begets its own list of follow-on tasks: the family movies on VHS that need to be converted to DVD, the love letters between parents and grandparents that need to be scanned and transcribed before the writing fades away and the paper crumbles, the family photos from generations past that hold stories that need telling before they are forever lost, and the little treasures from the past that need to be carefully labeled for their future owners.

Tomorrow, I have to do something about that camper!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing ok. We think and talk of you often.
What are you doing with the camper? You aren't selling it are you? If so, give me a call!