Sunday, October 24, 2010

What oh what shall I do?

I have a serious conflict, and I need your help in resolving it. I know what kind of conflict it is (Approach-Approach) because I studied that stuff once long ago. What I need help with is what to choose. The choices?

Choice A: The Rally to Restore Sanity

Taking place on the National Mall on 30 October from 12:00-15:00, and organized by some like-minded souls, this event spurred my choice to go out to Maryland a week early. I have been devoting moments to coming up with my own sign (Right now I'm thinking: Tell the folks I'm OK). I had the assurances of one of my dearest friends and my daughter that they would be joining me for what could be a seminal event in this political season and perhaps even a footnote in the national history.

Choice B: University of Maryland Homecoming Football

Looks like my compadres have bailed on me and everyone is going to the game. It is another big crowd situation, though smaller and probably more unruly than the Mall, but less hassle getting to and from. And then there is tailgating with my lovely daughter and old friends...Kick-off is at 3:30 at Byrd Stadium. I love the hell out of Maryland football; my Greek family will attest to that!

So, help me now. What oh what shall I do?


Christina said...

My Chris would say the Sanity Rally...he's dying to go as well but duty calls. Football games can be fun, but are rather non-memorable if you really stop and think about it. I have no political anythings and can't stand sports...but I know you adore both: my thought would be to go to the Rally so that you can brag about it to your friends later that you were there for a piece of history in the making...Chrissy sends###

Mary H said...

Wouldn't they rather tailgate at the Rally to Restore Sanity? Football games come and go, especially at Maryland. The Rally is unique. That's where I'd go if I could, friends/family or no. Easy to say, since I'm not in your shoes. If I were, it might be different. But distanced as I am, I'm inclined to go with "new adventures and new people." Good luck, sweetie. Whatever choice you make will be fine!!! Hugs,

John Wagner said...

I would go to the Rally also. If my wife didn't absolutely hate crowds, I would join you. Football game next year.

Arlette said...

Please go to the Rally so I can enjoy it vicariously through you.

Andy K said...

Buy your self a big foam finger, and one of those helmets that hold two beers, and go to the tailgate. Tailgating always trumps politics!

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

The Rally for Sanity has won the competition easily. Sorry Andy, as appealing as the visual of a 60-year old fat woman with a fake hip wearing a beer dispensing helmet and waving a big foam finger is, I feel a sense of responsibility to my friends and readers who can't get to DC for the rally. And so I will go forth to Washington DC, to carry the torch -- er sign -- speaking of which: WHAT SHOULD MY SIGN SAY(eight or less words)?

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

And here are the first 10 suggestions from my Bob-in-Law:

Top Ten Slogans for Sharon's Sign:

10) "Is that Glenn Beck up there?"
9) "I love Octoberfest!"
8) "I'm TEA PARTY and Prowd of it"
7) "Where's the Handicapped Restroom?"
6) "...and then we're gonna take back Washington- YEEEHAAAAAW!"
5) "I heard Leno was taking over this gig"
4) "Don't Misunderestimate Me!"
3) "Stephen J. Colbert Literary Award Nominee"
2) I Traveled on BAILOUT Money"
1) "Was I supposed to go left at Albuquerque?" (edited to stay within eight words)

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

More from the Bob-in-Law and other sources:

--Kiss the cook
--Embrace Reality or Accept the Party Line
--Sign: solar powered; me: not; give me wine!
--Does this sign make my butt look BIG

John Wagner said...

May be a little late, but:

"I made a sign!"
"What is going on up front?"
"Is this the Tailgate Party?"
"Rather be ON the Seine."

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

My favorite for today: I'm above ground; it's a good day!

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

Tomorrow is the big rally, and I have made my sign. The winning slogans (one for each side of my sign) were "You can't scare ME, I'm SANE!" and "DON'T Misunderestimate ME!" I will be tweeting updates and uploading photos to Facebook while I am out at the rally and will update the blog tomorrow night. On my way to bed now and hoping for a good night's rest.

bobsgt said...

OK- I'll admit it is a day late, but this sign slogan came to me after I read the political pages this early Sunday morning:

I'm with stupid- until Tuesday!