Saturday, October 9, 2010

The New Toy

I got a new toy today, with Josh. We bought an old beat up truck to play with: 1989 5.0L V8 Ford Bronco XLT Eddie Bauer Edition.

He is looking forward to tinkering with it. I am looking forward to hitching it up to my camper and driving up to the Grand Mesa or somewhere else with an incredible view. It's probably going to need some of that tinkering stuff, first. We all want to make sure I don't get stranded somewhere -- although that would be an adventure.

As I have said somewhere else, I look pretty intimidating behind the wheel of this thing. Bad-ass, I believe I said. Or as bad-ass as a 60 year old fat woman with a fake hip can look.Which, depending on the circumstances, can be pretty bad-ass or just pretty pathetic. I'm going with bad-ass because I like that better.

This all coincides with me getting my Stetson out of the closet. It is a beautiful dove gray hat that has spent almost 100% of its life in a box on the closet shelf. It was given to me in 1989 by my friends as I was leaving Goodfellow AFB in lovely San Angelo, Texas. It is, for all practical purposes, brand new. Unworn. I realized that if I didn't start wearing the hat now, I would never wear it. And that would be a crying shame. And now that I have a truck, I have to wear a hat. It's in the rule book somewhere (the same rule book that requires a stop for a Blizzard at the Dairy Queen in Kerrville when driving between San Angelo and San Antonio).

Besides, it embarrasses my grown son. BONUS!


jpatton said...

You are Super BAD ASS! I like the new ride!

Pete said...

Now that you have the hat, the truck needs a gun/fishing pole rack, a whip CB antenna, and a bumper sticker from the local country western station to make it Texas legal.