Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Again, All Over

The fresh box of D-Con was empty when I opened the camper today. I found one dead mouse, on the easement. I went through the bedding and  mattresses and found only a few signs of mouse waste, nothing major and no holes or nests. No signs of rodents, dead or alive, in the cupboards and storage space opposite the sink or under the bed.

I am not naive enough to think one mouse went through two boxes of D-Con before trying to crawl off into the night. There are more. Common sense and my instincts tell me this. The not-finding is freakier than the finding. There could be dozens of bodies under the floor! Is there any kind of air gap overhead?

And the news keeps getting better. I took our new truck in to Costco get new tires (wearing my hat, of course) and they discovered that I had two missing lug nuts on the left rear wheel and one missing on the left front. The bolts that are supposed to hold the nuts are, of course, stripped. Ach! Sure glad I didn't know that when I drove it home from across town!

Naturally, this became the new priority on the job list and Josh is in the garage with the front end of the truck jacked up and the wheels pulled off. This looks like it will take more than an hour or two. The update from Josh, just now, was that the wheels were about to literally fall off the truck. Sure glad I insisted he pick up four new wheel kits instead of just replacing the stripped bolts. How's that for instinct?

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