Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going Camping?

I went to get the camper today! I was so excited! And right up until I got it home I thought I was taking it out this weekend, to the Great Sand Dunes and maybe another stop or two. I had all these warm feelings of anticipation at the thought of reconnecting with nature and living out of "our camper" again. But when I was hitching it up, I noticed mouse droppings inside the doorway; and when I went to raise the stabilizers, I found some wires were unharnessed under the camper and the harness was in pieces around the rear of the camper.

When I got it home and unhitched, I took a closer look inside; and when I looked in the cabinet under the sink -- OM%G!!! There was so much rodent shit and rodent urine under there, I might have to call in an expert to clean it out. God only knows what the wiring looks like! This could also be the source of the mysterious propane alarm that went off inside the camper the week that Bill died. Josh and I had to leave Bill's side and go out to Elizabeth to dismantle the alarm to get it to stop. We thought it was a faulty alarm and ordered a replacement.

So, instead of just sweeping it out and making sure I have food and clothes for a few days, I have to clean and follow wires and repair and ensure I don't have a short and/or a fire the first time I turn on the lights.

Shit! Shit! Dammit! Dammit!

It made me so mad! I put some D-Con in the cupboard, locked the camper up and walked away from it for the evening. I just don't want to deal with it right now. I'll make an apple tart and take a long, hot soak. Calgon, take me away!


Mary H said...

Nature's way of telling you to take it slowly! Ratshit. Boo!

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

Yep! That's what I figured. That's why I cooked and got into the tub. Time enough the next day to start doing whatever has to be done.