Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Saturday

I think I have to figure out a different way to spend Saturdays. For the past couple of years, Saturday has been a poker day. Unless we were on a trip, Bill and I would have a lazy morning with breakfast and newspaper and then go play poker. So, that's what I did today, and it was strangely unsatisfying. It isn't just that I am not winning, although I am sure that winning would make me feel better. I just felt like I could have spent my day in a more worthwhile pursuit.

Next Saturday, I will be in San Antonio visiting with my oldest daughter and swapping stories with old Air Force buddies. I will be looking for new activities for Saturdays when I return. There are lots of possibilities: AFA football, courses at Colorado Free University, hikes with the dogs... One activity I think I will avoid  is retail therapy. I've noticed that it is much easier to spend money on things I don't really need when I am feeling blue. Then, when the bills come in, I really feel blue!

I am craving the security of knowing that I have something I look forward to doing every week. Something that makes Saturday special again, the way it was when we were kids. Once the chores were done, Saturday was like the magic kingdom. Now Saturday is just kind of a lonely day with routines that no longer fit me.

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