Thursday, September 23, 2010

San Antonio - Day Two

I awoke to the soft crowing of a rooster at about 5:30. As I found out later in the day, it was a Chinese Cochin rooster, a breed developed for the ancient Chinese royal court. A beautiful bird with the softest, sweetest wake-up call in the gray predawn light. I dozed off and on until the light was strong enough to walk to the bathroom without risking injury. Shortly after my shower, breakfast arrived at the door carried by Ann and Joe Barfield, the owners of this peaceful place. It was delicious and more than I could eat, but I gave it my best effort.

Then out to Castroville to the FTVA Reunion golf tournament where I helped put goody bags together, enjoyed the company of old friends, and missed my wing man. Golf was one of the things Bill loved when he was well. The good thing was that the folks I was with today knew him, and know me, and they were pretty wonderful about taking care of me today without it looking too much like they were. I hope they all know that I needed every one of those hugs!

As we traded stories and caught up with each other on the events of our lives since we were together last, my perspective got some needed readjusting. I heard from at least two who are nursing spouses with Alzheimer's, one with a spouse who is now bedridden,  another is a widower this year... Our age is starting to show in ways that are much more obnoxious than gray hair and paunchy bellies. These are the folks I used to "run the Ville" with, raising hell and sowing those wild oats. Now we look like hell, and we have to eat oats to control our cholesterol!

However, we don't ALL look like hell. One of my old friends at 70 looks better than he did at 55! The secret? He quit trying to live a life he hated and walked out on it and into a life he loves. He found his soul mate. After seeing the transformation in him, I now really believe in such a thing. Either that, or he is Dorian Gray and somewhere a painting is getting really creepy looking.

When I got back to Chicken Paradise, it was late afternoon and the chickens came running, thinking I was bringing food I guess. I wandered the grounds with them for a bit while we spoke of things eternal, and then decided I would try out the outdoor shower before calling it a night. What a sweet indulgent treat to shampoo with lavender scented soap under a huge spreading oak tree with all the evening sounds around you! After that, jammies and a cup of tea. 

I have to call this a good day. How could I not?

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webpilot said...

Ah Sharon, The things you say and the way you say them, not only in this post but in all your other ones as well. Simply PRICELESS!

Love you Cuz. Take care and have a good time on your trip. Lets have lunch when you get back.