Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Drive

After the whining I did yesterday, I decided to take matters into my own hands today and get out of the house for a while. First I hit up the local Farmer's Market. After the bounteous market in Omaha, I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment. More clothes and jewelry than farm produce, no heirloom tomatoes, and it seemed like some of the prices were unreasonably high. One pound of honey for $8! I let them keep it to sell to somebody else. I came home with some produce and some roasted peppers still warm from the roaster.

After I got the stuff home and put away, I decided to take a drive up the hill to Black Hawk, ostensibly to put a few dollars into the slots and keep the Colorado economy healthy. It is also a good spot to pick up the Peak to Peak Highway (Colorado 119) and check out some of the fall colors, which is what I did after I blew through what I had budgeted for the one-armed bandits.

Late afternoon on a fall Sunday is a perfect time for being up in the mountains in Colorado. The Aspens looked like ribbons of gold on green velvet. With perfect weather and very little traffic, it was like being in an entirely different universe.

Before I turned the car towards home, I realized I was out near my friend's house in Lafayette, so I stopped in to see her for a few minutes. With Bill's illness and her deep into a graduate program, it has been way too long since we got together. I was reminded that life has gone on for everybody else while I was isolated at home the past few months, and it isn't easy for anybody. I am going to remember that the next time I feel like complaining about something that somebody else might consider a blessing.

When I got home, it was nearly 9:00 pm and the little dogs were more than excited to see me. I'm sure they thought they had been abandoned. The wiggling and jumping didn't stop for more than 10 minutes. Although I may have made one or two people that happy by leaving the room, I don't think I've ever made a human being that happy just by walking into a room! On the other hand the visual I get of a person, having caught sight of me, wiggling and jumping and wetting themselves with delight, is sending me to bed with a smile on my face!


Emily said...

That's so not true... I remember being that excited when you walked into a room more than once. I don't remember wetting myself however, although I supposed anything's possible, lol.

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

You're right, sweetie. Toddlers are a lot like puppies that way! ;-P

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

You know, come to think of it, you still jump up and down and wiggle a bit when we get together after a long absence, and we've had too many of those. It's me that wets myself. Sigh.

barbarasargent said...

Your description of the ribbons of aspen gold on the green of the hillsides makes me hope I have a window seat for the flight in tomorrow.

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

You guys will have the car while I am in San Antonio, and fall colors will stick around for a little while longer (it is always too short!). I can give you a couple of ideas for places to go, or you can check the local news websites for their suggestions. Nothing is too far away, and you should absolutely take advantage of the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Kitty had a sleep-over Saturday night at daughter Betsy's house (her hubby is on a business trip) so I did the Rampart Road trails drive early Sunday morning also. As you cited, the Aspens were sure showing off! Hope you have a good trip to San Antonio and the reunion. Tom & Kitty