Saturday, September 25, 2010

San Antonio - Day Four

Ceremonies, meetings, banquets... I am officially tired and ready to go home. Tomorrow will be church with Berinda, lunch with friends, dinner with other friends, and then time to pack up and head out of Dodge on a Monday morning flight (I originally published this with "Tuesday morning flight" -- my subconscious mind has been wrapped around Tuesday the whole trip). It's been a good trip, and so wonderful getting together with old friends; but I realized toward the end of the banquet tonight that it has taken an enormous amount of energy simply having conversations. As much as I wanted to be in the middle of everything, at the same time I wanted to be in a protected corner just watching, or maybe even home in bed watching it on TV. Part of that is simply the introvert in me; I know this. The other part is the frailty I still feel hanging around me. It's as if I am convalescing from a long illness and haven't yet got my "legs" back. That's why this is short, and I am going to bed now!


Anonymous said...

Just a note... it is Saturday, church on Sunday, and per your post on Friday... you go home on Monday not Tuesday. If you miss your flight, you were meant to stay in Texas just a little longer. Take care, MKL

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

Thanks, MKL! I woke up to this posting this morning and had the best laugh. I can't believe I am still stuck on Tuesday! I have to go home tomorrow (Monday) because I have no place to stay, so I better get myself straightened out!