Monday, September 27, 2010


I nearly copped out tonight. It's late, and I traveled today (San Antonio to Denver by way of Dallas and Oklahoma City -- I am firing my travel agent!). I can't lie. I'm tired and I ache all over from the medieval torture devices used as seats in commercial cattle cars, er airliners.

But I can't go to bed tonight without expressing gratitude. This little trip was balm to my spirit, and there are so many people who contributed to making it such a healing holiday. I hope I have remembered to thank everyone who fed me, and hugged me, and made me laugh, and made things easier for me in some way this past week (including such things as leading me to an ATM so I could pay my lodging bill). I feel like I have been treated like a princess, and I liked it a lot!

I reserve a special thank you, though, for the two people who made the trip possible -- My sister and her husband. They volunteered in August to come back in September and take care of the house and the dogs so that I could go to San Antonio with confidence that everything would be all right. Everything is way more than all right! Barbara and my Bob-in-law took care of a huge list of honey-dos: Wheelchair ramp taken up, medical adaptive equipment and excess furniture listed on Craig's List, deck rails painted to match trim on house, hot water recirculator and sensors installed, dogs broken of all bad habits, dual flush valve installed in powder room, and I haven't mentioned some of the other little things I noticed nor have I even been around to the whole house. Keep in mind that I was only gone for five days!

So, I am feeling enormous amounts of gratitude all the way through and all the way around tonight. I am thankful for a wonderful holiday, and thankful that I am safely home and everything here is all in order. I am thankful for friends and family who surrounded me with love and affection (and prayers) all along the way. I am thankful to the strangers I met who refused to remain so, and shared their hearts with me. And I am most thankful to the God of this Universe who brought us all together.

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barbarasargent said...

As if this thankyou wasn't enough, Sharon cooked chicken adobo and an apple dessert. MmMmGood. Sharon took care of her own health today spending a few hours at the VA and at least that much in transit, then cooked.
We had a wonderful dinner and very tasty wine. She is resting now.