Friday, September 3, 2010

Discovering Things That Suck

Today I created some more clean space in the office and in doing so discovered that some things just suck, for want of a better word. Mostly today was a shredding day. And usually I enjoy shredding. There's something very satisfying about turning big stacks of paper into confetti. Not so much today. Shredding papers with Bill's name and life on them (old TDY orders, etc.) was probably the hardest thing I have done. It was like I was erasing our history. I had to take lots of breaks, and even then there were times I wanted to frantically pull all the pieces out and put them back together again. Maybe if I could do that, I could put everything else back together again.


Lissa Forbes said...

Oh my, Sharon. You know my feelings about saving history. I can only imagine the emotion evoked by taking this action this early. Of course, most of it you could probably recreate through military records offices if you need to. But then, maybe this will allow you to selectively remember.

Love the clean desk! :-> I know I always feel better when I make that purging/cleaning effort.

As always, I wish you well on your journey.

Sharon G. Frizzell said...

Trust me, Lis, I was careful about what I shredded! I am the same way about archiving records. These were things I had set aside weeks ago for shredding because they contained sensitive information like social security numbers. And because I am so careful, I had to give everything a second look before it went into the machine. This compounded the pain. I am better today, but really could not write about it in detail yesterday. You are the second person to bring up the fact that I might have taken this task on too soon; and both are people I respect. I will listen.

Lissa Forbes said...


Listening to yourself is much more important. But it's nice to know you respect my input.

Really enjoying your Daily Doses. I'm sure they are helping just as my One Good Things are helping.

Love you, girlfriend.
Pleasant dreams.