Saturday, September 11, 2010

Road Trip

You may have noticed the absence of a post yesterday. You weren't imagining things. I'm not at home and as these things go, I had technical difficulties and was unable to get online last evening to post anything. Today I will try to figure out how to put a post out on my Blackberry. I'm not sure about that tiny keyboard, though.

Where am I? About 20 minutes southwest of Omaha in Papillion visiting with my niece and her family for the weekend -- specifically Patriot's Day. I wanted to spend the day with some real patriots, and so here I am in the shadow of Offutt AFB, the home of Strategic Air Command.

We started this morning at the Omaha Farmer's Market. What an absolute treat! We came back with Heirloom tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and a fresh baguette. Any guesses as to what lunch is going to be?

Afterwards, we did an auto-tour of Offutt and swapped "lies" about some of the crazy stuff that we have been involved in. One of the nice things about this visit is that Candy (Christina) and Chris are in the same field that Bill and I were in when we were active duty. Chris is a Master Sergeant in the USAF, and Candy (my niece) will be one when her line number comes up early next year. We know some of the same people and have had similar experiences. I think we are all in agreement that General Tony McPeak personally destroyed 40 years of Air Force History when he reorganized and renumbered all the Air Force units. Intel unit numbers should start with 69; and that's all I have to say about that!

It's a beautiful day here in Nebraska, and I am working hard to stay in the moment. Someone I loved very much, and trusted with my life and the lives of my family, is trying to steal everything that Bill and I worked for over the last 20+ years (savings, retirement, investments). How does someone do that, and feel righteous about it? I should have suspected when stealing small amounts didn't bother this person. I am so confused, and angry, and I will admit it --  a little bit scared. Trying to breath through the waves of fury and panic and just go on with the day. I know that, however this works out, I will be ok -- but WHY in the name of Zeus should I have to be dealing with this now??!!? What kind of sick person steals from a widow?

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Anonymous said...

Sharon, what in the world is going on with your finances...holler if we can help. Did you get through to the PA folks at Buckley...hope that part is going okay. Looks like a nice trip in progress...have a beer on us tonight!
Tom & Kitty